Global Engineering Recruitment can offer an extensive range of services that have been developed during the course of providing recruitment solutions to global clients, allowing us to be able to tailor our solutions to each client’s individual needs and integrate our service offerings with our client’s current working practices and hiring processes.

Permanent Search And Selection

A headhunting solution for clients seeking exceptional candidates who are experienced in the right areas of expertise, qualified and sourced specifically for the vacancy, to be engaged on a permanent basis.

Contract Staffing

From bridging skill gaps to staffing large-scale projects, we can provide flexible, innovative and on-demand solutions to cover the fluctuations involved, engaging engineers on a contract / consultant basis, employed by us.

Bespoke Service Solution

Working closely with our clients to build and deliver a bespoke service ensuring compliancy on country entry requirements, legal regulations and local to project employment for contract / consulting or permanent hires.


Through a tried and tested worldwide network of in-country partners, Global Engineering Recruitment Ltd can offer compliancy and regulatory support in matters such as country entry, local employment legislation, workforce immigration and taxation liability in over 50 countries, giving peace of mind to clients and candidates alike whilst working in different locations around the world.

Company / Department Mapping

We understand that clients may not only want a good quality and well-researched shortlist but also want information on the market place, including a greater knowledge of their sector and competitors. We are able to provide our clients with a detailed and accurate breakdown of the structures of other organisations within the industry. Our processes enable us to be highly targeted in approaching the very best talent.